Monday, July 9, 2007


Samarkand "Window (rehearsal)" MP3

This is Samarkand Frenzy week, in anticipation of our first gig in over thirteen years!

This recording was made in the basement during summer 1993. The lineup was Dr Rhythm on drums, Brian Lewis on guitar and keyboards, Jeff Sampson on bass & me on guitar & vocals. "Window" was mostly written by Jeff, except for the fruity major-key middle eight I apparently insisted on inserting. Which was mine.

The lyrics were a culmination of things that were in my head at the time. I had a postal friend whose full first name I thought was Window. I applied the old cut-up strategy to the lyrics, so the imagery of falling out a window was all out of order. Falling out of a window might've just been that week's variation on the theme of being down, being depressed, being down in a valley of deep depression. Or something, who knows.

slipping back into the night
sinking like a rock
looking back at where we were and
wishing I was there

I can still see the window
that we both fell through
pushing away from us
can all this be true

I wanna devour your body
just to be closer to your mind
get inside your body
see what I can find

Samarkand flier that I didn't make, 1993

the now-obvious downside of naming your band Samarkand (see also: Smarkland, Snorkelman)

Samarkand/Samarket "live" in 1993, Freakin' Pizza. We're playing "Eye," which you can tell because of everyone's thousand-yard-stare. That's Jeff Sampson (looking sleepy), me (drifting off) and Brian Lewis(fast asleep).

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