Tuesday, July 24, 2007


XYCHQ "Cancer Coffins" MP3

February 1989. Michael and I were in two bands together simultaneously. XYCHQ and (in Parentheses). Both of which played at this particular party.

XYCHQ was normally Ray singing, Jeff playing bass, Michael on guitar, me on drums. But there were one or two songs that I played guitar and sang on. "Things I Hate" was one, "Cancer Coffins" was another. Both were "searing" (cough) indictments of the shallow world around my 17-year-old self. Y'know, the social injustice of um people using tanning beds.

So yeah, this song "Cancer Coffins" was sort of a funky metal thing at the beginning. Then a thrashy riff for the chorus. And then the breakdown, which will be familiar to anyone who ever heard Devilcake's song "Fribble." or the (in Parentheses) track "Enthalpy." Hey, never let a good riff go to waste.

Michael slays the drums on this one. Jeff still on bass. I'm not sure why I was yelling the words.

Ya look so fake with your February tan
soak up as much fluorescent as you f'ing can
don't you see you look stupid as hell
just for a tan your fertility you'll sell

climb into the coffin to brown your skin
but you're getting cancer, you just can't win
your f'ing false tan looks stupid as sh!t
they say it's unsafe but you don't listen to it

lay down lay down
in your coffin
lay down lay down
and get a tan

stupid little goggles on your face
be the winner of the tanline race

take off your clothes lay in the tanning bed
but is it worth it for you to be dead
the winter is not the time to peel
your face is so red it's unreal

repeat with increasing petulance. Take that, orange people.


Darrin said...

Part of the missing verse lines had something to do with a 'microwave' and 'saved'.

I'm still trying to figure out what the hell that is next to your bed.... it looks like an ancient desktop PC cabinent with a 8" midrange speaker and a light switch. What the hell is that thing???

::: said...

The speaker......oh hey, that's Christine The Deathbox. Which I think resided on the desk in your basement for a while if I'm not mistaken...?

Not forgetting the plant stand that I painted & used as a night table.

And the Vanilla Ice notebook I used as a diary. I also had Milli Vanilli and Richard Marx notebook/diaries.


Darrin said...

Ahhhhhh... now I see Christine. Derrrrrrr. Yeah... that resided in the basement for something. Maybe even Samarkand 2004... or did we have the 8 track for that one (since the brushes sounded so clean).