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FZZY PMPR "But It's" MP3

Tehhh Fuzzee Pumperrrr, back by no demand whatsoever. After the first round of FZZY PMPR action, from 1998-2000 or 2003,
my style morphed somewhat from incessantly layering every single record, tape & CD I ever liked to incessantly ruining every single beat & sample I could find.

Do you see what happened there? The difficult second FZZY PMPR album was IDM ('intelligent dance music') without intending to be.

Whereas the first FZZY stuff was fun & funky, this difficult second album, with a difficult title CNTRYXMS (aka 'country christmas' aka the worst phrase in the English language, contrasted with at the time the best phrase, 'free pizza'.) was no fun for anyone.

In 2003. Did I release this thing? Has anyone even heard the 50-or-so mini-jamzzzz?

It sounds like I had less source material to work with, so tinkered far more with the few ingredients I did have. As opposed to, y'know, sampling Adrian Belew inhaling or a single snare drum hit from a Juliana Hatfield song. That type of thing, to infinity. Punctuated with a Captain Beefheart laugh.

Anyway, the uptempo drum loop is probably from one of those Acid-like music software program source disk things. The sawtooth synth tone is definitely from Cool Edit 96, the soundf!cking tool of choice for FZZY at the time.

Fog Machine Test in Living Room September 2001

Devilcake Island flier July 2003. I made this flier at work one day when I was very bored, using clip art & the horrible fonts that were preloaded on my PC there. The clip art photo was probably designed for a desktop wallpaper or something, & looked extra silly with 'devilcake' written beneath it. I hung up the flier in my little area at work for a laugh & a new, airheaded coworker saw it & asked where Devilcake Island was.


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(in Parentheses) - 1988-1989 - LIVE & REHEARSALS

(in Parentheses)
Live February 27, 1989 + rehearsal - supergroup (relatively speaking) combining the bands Prophecy and Domestik Quarrel!!?
recorded with Christine The Ghetto Blaster Of Death
live and in rehearsal

Michael Million - bass
Aaron Pauley - guitar
Ian C Stewart - guitar, vocals
Jim Swanson - drums

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fzzy recollections

FZZY PMPR came about after I bought a used desktop PC that was curated by ECC's Mark Gunderson. 
 He loaded it up with the entire internet circa 1996 with every game, oddity and software package ever, along with some ECC ephemera. I eventually started experimenting with audio editing programs like Cool Edit and the like, trying to do "cut ups" of my own, which were just failed sound experiments really. Eventually I crafted an album of sample-based material, which was the Samarkand album "Continua". Eventually the megalomania took focus and a la Evolution Control Committee, Samarkand became FZZY PMPR which had as its members, what, DJ Arse and others, I think?

Megalomania gave way to regular mania and today it's not even a memory! That's the way Huntington's Disease works, I start off with this bossy, overpowering and seductive uhh drive to just point out every single thing in the universe which gradually cools until it's like it never even happene…

IAN C STEWART - Woke Up In Love

Woke Up In Love 

Recorded June, 2006 
processed August, 2013 
E-mu Proteus 
Steinberger guitar 
Yamaha fretless bass 

experiential noise drone gaze 


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10. Newbient (16:48) 

There's always this. Buy here now.