Wednesday, July 11, 2007



Samarkand "Exgirlfriend" MP3

This song is from the limited release cassette Sensitive, which was issued in a handpainted edition of 10 in January 1993. Naturally. Sensitive was 60 minutes of almost entirely brand new material, only one or two songs were recycled. It was recorded during what I thought would be my winter break from Berklee in 1992. Of course that turned out to be my permanent break from Berklee in 1992 since the cash had completely run out for my tuition.

All the songs were recorded on a borrowed 4-track, possibly Ray's Porta 05. I also had my uncle's massive Carvin PA, Sennheiser mics & Ludwig drums in my basement. All of which feature prominently on this here release, along with the brand new Zoom 9002 effects. Which was an amazing combination at the time, I really felt like the boundaries were down on the equipment end of things for the first time.

"Exgirlfriend" is a riff recycled from Domestik Quarrel days, when it was called "Antisocial Behavior." The Samarkand arrangement is more Pixes, um, modern rock than thrashy punk metal. My drumming is a little stumpy but not bad considering that I wasn't really drumming much at that point.

When I mixed this stuff down, I panned the drums hard to one side in homage to all the Syd Barrett & early Pink Floyd I was discovering. Hail Syd!

The lyrics for "Exgirlfriend" are typical sweary emo wah.

I know no one cares that it's almost been a year
and that I haven't seen you since I've been here
it feels stupid at this point to cry but
how much longer can I wonder why

it never mattered how many lies you told
my hand was still there for you to hold
now I see that I got played
into the background I fade

and now you'll **** anything
with a **** **** and an eyebrow ring

This CD is part of the aborted Samarkand box set, hence the updated artwerx above.

another Samarkand flier I didn't make, 1993

Brian Lewis & I pretending to chill before the gig mentioned on the flier above. 1993

Samarkand Otterbein amphitheater summer 1993. Jeff Sampson, Ian C Stewart holding Michael Million doll/talisman/action figure, Brian Lewis


Darrin said...

This song is cool. I especially liked the tag at the end.

And I had totally forgotten about the Samarkand box set. If I remember correctly, you were trying to find white CD cases for the white album. Didn't you end up making all the cases by hand or something.

Now that you've reminded me, I'd like you to finish the boxset so I can have a copy. I've always enjoyed the Samarkand material.

::: said...

I did find white CD cases eventually.

I probably won't release the whole box set unless/until I work in a copy place again. At this point I'll just be handing out piles of loose CDs.