Wednesday, July 4, 2007


The Uncultured "For Her" Youtube

Hm, where to start on this one? We'd been rehearsing for this talent show thing for a few months. But nothing could've prepared any of us for actually getting to rock out to our own (okay, my own) song on THE BIG F'ING AUDITORIUM STAGE in the high school. We'd all been to countless assemblies & what-not there, we'd all drawn our own ideal, dragon-covered stage designs growing up. & then the moment came & it was quite incredible.

I wrote this song, whatever it is. A love dirge? The lyrics were kind of thematically based on Celtic Frost's "Mesmerized" but grounded in my own 16-year-old 'love cry laugh die' vocabulary.

It doesn't look like much now but it was a huge deal for all of us at the time.

Let's see, that's..... Jeff Sampson on bass. Michael Million on the Tokai Star guitar & angular haircut, Raymond Lilly on the mic, Mark Ward on drums, me truly on guitar & fuzzy slippers & long coat.


Darrin said...

I only have had a few of those 'larger than life' moments.

One was probably the first time I played for the pep band which played during the basketball games. Our pep band crushed all other pep bands. Most pep bands were left with some poop sap playing a concert bass drum and another person playing snare, who might have had a cymbal on a stand. I on the other hand had my 5 piece Yamaha Power V setup with red Paiste cymbals.

The next cool ass moment was my first gig playing with Devilcake at Ruby Tuesdays and having to do a sound check. The whole thing was surreal. I think that was either 2000 or 2001. It's preserved on VHS, so I can relive that concert over and over. My drumming during the show pretty much bordered on train-wreck the entire evening. I remember that my arms got tired really really fast.

The next "rawk on" moment was when Devilcake sound checked on the second stage at the Polaris Amphitheater prior to the Hair Metal extravaganza. That was in 2004. Too bad it rained. That probably could have been the one of the coolest, scariest or suckiest moments ever. I guess I'll never know. But at least I can say, without lying, that I played at Polaris. :)

::: said...

I think there might still be a Real Media file of your Ruby Tuesday's soundcheck on teh interwebs somewhere. ? Maybe?