Friday, June 15, 2007

Until 91

Ian C Stewart "Until 91" MP3

Even though I had a girlfriend, I wrote the occasional song about other girls. "Until 91" was one such thing. It was recorded on my brand new Tascam Porta 05 4-track. That thing was my pride & joy. I used it more or less constantly until it gave up the ghost in 1992. "Until 91" adheres to the strict 4 tracks/no overdubs idea, maybe I hadn't learned how to overdub by that point. My first Casio keyboard supplied the drums. It was a PT-something. Uhhhh, clean guitar = Jaguar. Fretless bass = Michael's black Ibanez, last seen onstage with Raymond & Devilcake in 1992.

I'm not sure where the funky folky vibe comes from. Satan?

You came into my life bringing mucho confusion
I didn't know if you were real or just an illusion
I thought I was happy as I screamed in pain
You turned around and left as you came

me drumming with XYCHQ!?, January 1989
This was my first gig playing drums. It was horrible, I was horrible, I was totally unprepared. I don't think I owned a drum key & my snare head was all waffly. The drummer from one of the other bands took pity on me & tightened up all my heads. I repaid him by leaving the snare drum & stand behind at the club. Very mature.


Darrin said...

1) How to you pronounce XYCHQ!?

2) I dig the track.

3) I dig the title of this cassette. Big time.

::: said...

"xychq" was how I spelled the sound of clearing the throat. "hhccccckkkhhhhhh" might've done as well.

It was misspelled in our high school paper as "XYCHO" which looks like a really wild spelling of "psycho". Too bad the band wasn't actually named Psycho & was instead HRCCHCHHCHH!!

The one gig we played as XYCHQ, the guy introducing us said

"next we have.... XYCHQ!"

It was great. & I always wanted to have a room full of people chanting the name!

Obviously the name was my idea. :)

Thanks for liking the track, it's not bad considering I was 17 at the time.