Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Not Sure" MP3

Iansane was a mixdown album in late 1993/early 1994. The seeds of the 1994 Samarkand EP Behind the Veil of Obscurity are here, some of them anyway. Same with the 1995 Samarkand album In Bursts, a couple of pieces wound up there.

The drum loop on "Not Sure" was yoinked from the Cure's excellent song "New Day." It was rare that I could get any workable drum loops on the Casio SK-5 since its sampling time was erratic at best. Ocassionally the erraticness worked in my favor & I got something unique. Mostly not. The guitar chords are in line with the era, mainly "Rough Draft Again," aka "I'm So Glad You're Back."

This song also could've worked as a Star*Pillow number. Hmm, perhaps it still could.

none of this makes sense
can't be happy with you

don't ask why
because I don't know
don't ask why
because I'm not sure


Darrin said...

Cool. What did you use to get all the bleepity bloopity goodness going on in the right channel? It sounds kinda like the Casio drum blips but with some fancy flanging or chorusing or phasing or something.

The end of the song reminds me of the part in Spaceballs where the little hologram Yogurt in the fortune cookie is leaving and he says 'Let the Schwartz be with youououoeeeeerrroeuoeueoeuoeuerrrggghh'

::: said...

Yep, that was me messing with the controls on the old Zoom flanger.

I haven't seen Spaceballs so I'll have to take your word for it.