Wednesday, July 25, 2007


(in Parentheses) "Hope Fear Lie" MP3

Here's another song from early 1989, recorded on Christine Theee Boomboxxxe Of Deathe. Christine was kept down the hall, behind a door, due to the ridiculously high volume we were playing at. For no apparent reason. And the neighbors called the cops on us for maybe the first time ever, shutting down the whole party. So loud we were.

Ah, "Hope Fear Lie," I forgot about this one. It's the Cure meets Metallica, what can I say. Both influences were paramount at the time. It's a pity that the guitars aren't completely in tune, but oh well, you still get the idea.

(in Parentheses) was a vicious, brutal, caveman beast trying to better itself, an ape trying to walk upright for the first time. Some type of pissed-off cave creature walking out into the light. There's a strange naive finesse to the playing & songwriting. It's so stupid but so complex? A doomed little experimental microorganism with a tiny half-life. And an obscure sense of humor.

Jim Swanson was absolutely incredible on the drums. Aaron Pauley on co-vocals & co-lead guitar with me. Michael Million on bass & vocals. (in Parentheses) was schizo too, the lyrics were about passing gas or politics, or feeling numb. Or, um, in the case of "Hope Fear Lie," just trying to create something out of nothing.

Hope Fear Lie was something Michael had written on a pad of paper, in a ghouly zombie Pushead font. At that point it was just three words on a piece of paper, but it seemed like it should be more than that, y'know? So the race was on to write the song.

In typical (in Parentheses) fashion, I just basically slapped a big pile of mismatched riffs together & shouted over them. Voila, instant avant garde thrash progressive metal.

Few things in life are forever
but now there is one fewer
I was left
scraped without a soul
left to live alone
by myself

the hope
the fear
the lie
of life

the dread
the trust
the truth
of life

(IN PARENTHESES) live at Flamingo Isle, Westerville, Ohio, early 1989

Cheesy early painting, March 1992 but signed in gold. Classy.

Pink Toilet Outdoors 1993

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Darrin said...

This song was cool. The chorus is reminiscent of some song on Metallica's AJFA. AJFA maybe? But not really? *shrug*

Yeah... I think it is interesting listening to the early works of just about anyone. You can sense that they know how to write a song, but just aren't sure what the rules are yet, or at the very least, haven't found their 'signature' sound yet. Alot of my later works tended to sound the same, but some of the first things I ever wrote were just 'out there' and I doubt that now I would even think of playing or arranging something the way I did then. (Though I am so out of practice, it would likely be like starting over).

Pink, brown, yellow and avacado green toilets don't get love anymore. So sad.