Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Not Entirely Clear" MP3

The concept with this mixdown tape, Wordless Reruns, (and, yes, there always was a concept) was arty, experimental, instrumentals gone mental. But then the idea is preempted by probably a fresh batch of lyrics from my penfiend "Marian." Not her real name, obviously, but that's how it went in those days. The music I used for Marian's lyrics was usually uncharacteristic of my usual stuff, but I'm not sure how or why. It just worked out that way, I don't think I planned it out that much. I mean, beyond the broad concept. This batch of songs was also immediately pre-Euphoria Suicide. Even though I think this song is actually on Euphoria Suicide, come to think of it.

"Not Entirely Clear" sounds strangely serious. The new car smell was still pretty strong on the Dr Rhythm, which is why the drum programming is so over the top. GoodNESS. I think the acoustic might've been Todd's, or maybe I was just using his Woody acoustic pickup on my old Gibson acoustic. The bass was probably Macho (RIP). Doubletracked vocals, as was my wont. Who knows.

I never want to see the sun again
The rain comes again
and this is going nowhere

for what you can never be
ask me how much I have
when it's not entirely clear

dangerous intimacy
sounds like trash

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Darrin said...

Once that song came on, it sounded very familiar, so I think it is probably on Euphoria or on of the others that I have (Conspiring Myths, As Is, and some other one which has a bunch of words on it concluding with "it's not worth it".)