Friday, July 13, 2007


Samarkand "This Time of Year" MP3

The intro was done on Todd's old Casio. The rest of the song is kind of typical of my early 1990s style, which now sounds like all the wrong aspects of Jesus Jones, Curve and Ned's Atomic Dustbin combined. But this song represents a breakthrough in the Samarkand catalog. For once it doesn't rely completely on the bass line for the vocal melody. And the lyrics aren't just cliches.

When I recorded the vocals, I actually held a different Casio up to my face, playing the notes of the melody so I wouldn't forget it. Very smooth. Natural born vocalisto, me.

This is the first song on theeeeee remastered & expanded edition CD. Last disc in the aborted Samarkand box set.


The more I want you and tell you so
the further away you go
the more I want the less I get

where did I go wrong
I hate this time of year

This is the sound of the body shutting down
Nothing going in or out
In silence and contradiction
this is the sound of the body shutting down

Samarkand Apollo's sign 1993 looks like Apollo's spelled it right that time. But I do remember putting all the letters up there ourselves.

Samarkand letter 1993 I have no recollection of this letter, which I may or may not have sent to other bands on a, uh "similarly gothic/ambient/noisy/shoegaze-y/pop wavelength." Egad. But it says "hola" at the top, so I know that I wrote it myself. Damn.

Samarkand fake press photo 1993 bogus 8x10 I made at Kinko's on the night shift.

* not to be confused with the Vinnie Vincent Invasion ballad of the same name.


Darrin said...

I hate to say I know this...

But the song by Vinnie Vincent was called "_That_ Time Of Year".

I like the chords in _this_ song. And you gotta love that choppy/leslie guitar sound as well.

::: said...

Correct again about the VVI track. Which, damn it, I like.

I like the chords in this song too, too bad I can't remember them.