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Ian C Stewart "This Halloween I'm Going as You" MP3

At some point in 1995 or 1996 I had the idea to record a bunch of wacky acoustic songs about suicide, recorded on my Sony TCM-81 Cassette-Corder. The songs were basically improvised though I did usually rehearse them a couple of times to tighten up the parts once the parts were there.

The wacky lyrics about suicide ran out quickly. I think "Leaping from the Tallest Structure in Town" might've been the only set in the end.

During this time I was working third shift at Kinko's downtown. I'd get home around 8am or so, catch up on correspondence, eat a bagel. Take a bath. Maybe do some recording before going to bed at noon. It was a nonstop party being me.

The songs were recorded quickly & with even less regard than usual about production values or y'know, being able to understand or even hear the lyrics. Hence the title of the mixdown album..... Bullshit. It was a bunch of bullshit I threw together.

Oh yeah, & I loved Martin Landau in Ed Wood, when he said "bullshit! Let's shoot this fucker." That was funny.

this halloween I'm going as you
you're like a ten-car pile-up
your face is like dirty bathwater
and next year you can go as me

The other side of the tape.... Variations on a Theme... was recorded the same way & eventually was released by Mark Ritchie on his cassette label, KAW Tapes. Me, obscure singer/songwriter. Mark, obscure singer/songwriter/tape label honcho. That's a lot of obscurity there. I forgive the world for never hearing about any of this in any context ever.


Darrin said…
What in the world is that chord at the end (before all the screaming and kung fu movie sound effects)?

I think Cold Burrito and Dr. Pepper Saved My Life sound like cool songs.

And that restaurant is hilarious. I bet there are 100 of those restaurants in Tokyo.
::: said…
I'm not as organized as you when it comes to recording song ideas, so I have no idea what any of the chords are to those songs.

Cold Burrito is okay.

Dr Pepper Save My Life is a ballad.


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