Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Samarkand "Involution" MP3

Here's another lost Samarkand track from the final - Painful Realization - batch in 1995. Mopey chords, piissyyy lyrics, slow tempo. That was the template. Was? Is? Will be? Dr Rhythm for drums, probably the Warlock definitely through the Zoom 9002, definitely El Macho Mannequin for the bass gweetar.

I was so proud of the three verse chords. I remember showing them off to Jeff and Marc in the waning days of Samarkand Thee Westerville Version. Jeff said "yeah, but the first and third ones are the just A minor in different positions."

Never let a little knowledge get in the way..

Your voice is ugly and I don't like what you say
Your ugly words hang in the air like clay
It doesn't matter how hard you try
Because of you I defy

I defy you to make your case and then be still
I defy you to make your case and then be gone

I lost her to the possibility
to the hope for something more
I lost her to the chance
that I wasn't her only reward

What would come next if any of this were true
What would come next if this didn't involve you

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Darrin said...

I don't care what jeff sez... the chord progressions in this song sound fantastic.

And the roller coaster pic is rad!