Thursday, July 12, 2007


Samarkand "Equal Force rehearsal" MP3

Backtrack to fall 1992, to the practice rooms at Berklee in Boston. I somehow roped a few very talented peeps to play my songs with me. I'm still not sure how that happened. Jeremy Van Buskirk played bass, Stephanie Ralston sang, I played guitar & behaved badly, Chad Popple played drums. I hate to say that I took all of their presences in the band for granted, but I did. It was Jeremy's idea to call the band Samarkand & I guess I never bothered to think of a new one?

"Equal Force" dates back to early 1992, it was a rare excursion into an XTC-style swing. Chad was able to duplicate & enhance the drum machine programming I had done. I still like most of the song.

This recording is a bonus track on the remastered & expanded edition of the October 1992 green Samarkand demo we made. That's right, it's disc one of the aborted Samarkand box set.

the higher I climb the farther I fall
the farther I go the harder I fall
a hollowed-out version of all I loved
a bile-filled version of all I need

equal force in opposing directions
gets nothing done

Samarkand live Freakin' Pizza June 1993

fake Samarkand flier I made 1993

Samarkand band photos spring 1993 Hoover Dam in Westerville. We found each of our names in the graffiti on a railing and posed by them. Brian, Jeff and...... Stub.

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