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EYE 1996

Ian C Stewart | Michael Million "Eye"MP3

I know, I know, this is like the 50th time I've uploaded "Eye." This recording was part of an extensive batch of songs done and redone by Michael and I in spring 1996. We had the opportunity to record a bunch of our old and new songs on my 8-track, using all our best equipment and with the thought of doing the songs justice. Live drums were the order of the day and we spent many weekends that spring down in the basement at my mom's, just as we had when we both lived in the same town. Of course much of the stuff we did was never finished and only consists of an abandoned drum track with a scratch guitar beside it. But on the other hand there were a few old chestnuts that finally got their due. Now that's not to say that this is THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE version of "Eye," though in all actuality it may be.

I played drums, I think one track of guitar and two tracks of vocals. Michael did the bass and maybe one gu…


Ian C Stewart "Let's Visit the Farm" MP3
Michael Million "Oh My! That's Bass" MP3
Michael Million "Unchallenged Hate" MP3

Here's one I kind of forgot about & a few of its siblings while I'm at it.

Hearing it now, "Let's Visit the Farm" is not like I remember it at all! This song was recorded in September 1989 at Michael's house.... in the soundproof room... he had been in Florida for the summer during which time I got my first 4-track. Even in those days I recorded all the freakin' time, I probably recorded four albums worth of stuff by the time I got the 4-track out of its box. So, I was already a pro, or so I thought. Michael was new to multitracking, so I gave him a product demo there, using.... it sounds like whatever we had on hand. It's probably the Tokai guitar or possibly my Warlock through my old Peavey Backstage amp. Definitely his Ibanez fretless bass. We're lucky I had my Casio PT-whatever tiny ke…


Ian C Stewart "Skulls are Neat" MP3

MJB sent this link to the Skull-a-Day blog, which naturally reminded me of this song from the possibly previously mentioned 1990 mixdown adventure PRODUCT OF A CONFUSED MIND. 90 minutes of self discovery and crap flying around everywhere.

First there was a poem, then there was a "song."


I'm not sure whose keyboard I used for this but since I was a senior in high school at the time and thus likely to have many people over at my house, it could've been anyone's. I'm guessing maybe Brian Lewis or Jeff Sampson since one of them also brought over a banjo? Which you can hear me kind of plaintively picking out a few notes on here. I do hear Brian at the end going "whooo hoooooo"

There's a lot of action on this song. Those were the days of recording a song on the 4-track, then flipping the tape over and recording a bunch of stuff in …