Saturday, July 21, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Uptempo Dark Modern Disco Dancepop" MP3

Quite often with instrumental songs, I give them a name to remind me later of the overall vibe. This one was recorded some time in 2005 right here in this very room. I think the beat was done in Acid, or it might've been when I had the new Dr Rhythm for a brief while. The guitar is probably the Steinberger. Bass was probably the Steinberger. Keyboards...definitely the Proteus 1. I used ambient pads and slow swelling strings for a different feel.

The cumulative effect is probably just this side of a New Order reject. I'm still not sure where this song came from because I'm certainly not a New Order fan, nor do I listen to much uptempo dark modern disco dancepop in general. I guess it's better than accidentally writing uptempo fake willie nelson.


reincheque said...

Afro, eh?

I had something vaguely like that back in 1988. I put it down to an identity crisis, personally...:-)



Darrin said...

Sorry... but I dug that tune. It reminds me vaguely of a song on the Angels and Airwaves album put out by the former Blink-182 front man, except that the real drums never kick in.