Tuesday, July 10, 2007



Samarkand "China" MP3

Here's an outtake from the summer 1993 recordings we did for the white Samarkand tape. "China" is like 15 minutes long, with two parts. This was the only pre-existing song Brian Lewis and Jeff Sampson had when we all started playing together in my basement. I believe it had lyrics but no one ever sang them! How's that for enigmatic. In retrospect the drum loop is too busy for this expansive yet understated song. Ah, well. Actually now it just makes the whole thing sound even more like the Cure's "Carnage Visors". Jeff played bass, Brian's on guitar, I'm on guitar, I believe Todd Skaggs did the keys although it might've been me. This song appears on the remastered & expanded edition of the white Samarkand tape CD, which was made as part of a Samarkand box set which was started but never finished a couple of years ago.

the first Samarkand flier October 1992 already off to an obscure start. It says "Samarkand DEMO OUT NOW". I bought a clip art book for the fonts and had to manually cut and paste everything, which is why it looks so bad. Well, part of why it looks so bad.

the last Samarkand flier January 1994. The handwritten lyrics for "Survive" are on the other side of the page.

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