Friday, July 20, 2007


here's one for the masochists:

Ian C Stewart "Toothpaste Sandwich" MP3

From my third-ever 'album', Mucho Papa, recorded in April & May 1987. The Synsonics kept time while I tried my best to get through an entire song without stopping to tune or to play an out of key guitar solo. Unsuccessfully.

toothpaste sandwich
brush eat and go
toothpaste sandwich
who the f will know


Darrin said...

I still gots one of the SynSonics if you ever need one for inspiration. (I was thinking that you had 2 of them and gave me one and saved one for yourself)

Were you running the guitar through that old stompbox that ran on 1 AA battery that I had to fix a few years back? You wrote 'metal masher' or something on it in green floro paint if I remember correctly.

Did you have a 4 track at that point or were you having to record using the two mic inputs on the stereo?

Nice 'toggle' on the vocals at the end. That was the best part of that song Ah---ah----ah---- oo----o-----ooo!!! Rock!

I don't think I would like a toothpaste sandwich. I usually need some mayo on my sandwiches and I have the feeling that mixing toothpaste and mayo would not be a good thing to do.

::: said...

Yes, correct on all counts......

I sold the other Synsonics!