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Ian C Stewart "Star****er" MP3

This sour little ditty was written in late 1992. The lyrics were based on a personal experience I had when I worked at TicketMonster. I noticed that my own popularity went up if/when my band happened to be playing a gig. And if the gig was a big deal, I was more popular with certain ladies. Which was nice when it was on but not so nice afterwards because.... well, they just weren't around anymore. I thought that the experience would probably be an ongoing theme in my life. I mean, I assumed that fame & fortune would naturally follow at some point. & therefore too the star'love'ers.

had to go so badly
i had an out of body experience

painting with "Retaliation" lyrics 1992

Samarkand White tape flier 1993


Darrin said…
I dig this song. Though, when I see the title 'Starf*cker', I automatically think of the song of the same title by The Murmurs.

I ran across a CD of MP3s made in 2004 with the Samarkand White album on it, though, this version had 15 songs.

The CD also contained a folder called goth riffs 2004.

I was a sucky keyboard player. Good think none of that was recorded for prosterity. :-P But the concept was cool.
Darrin said…
Heh... there's also a folder called Samarkand 2004 on it. I think I might be playing drums on that one. Maybe. There were two takes of 'Bloomer', and one take of 'Down in the Valley' and 'Eye'.
::: said…
Starfucker is not an original concept for a song by any stretch & even in 1992 it wasn't a new idea.

Hmm, the 2004 MP3s of the goth riffs sounds it could be my demos for the still-untouched next Irreligion album. Sucky keyboarding is my hallmark.

& you were indeed in Samarkand 2004, ya lucky bastige.


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