Thursday, July 19, 2007


that's right, this tape is for HIGH ENERGY MUSIC.

Ian C Stewart "Corner of the Sky" MP3

Ianeffective is most of the In Bursts stuff. "Corner of the Sky" never wound up being released despite being one of the stronger songs of the era. It went through at least two musical permutations but I guess I was still unhappy with some aspect of it in the end. Which is strange considering how enthusiastic I was at the time about "William Carlos Williams," which is a Hugo Largo ripoff for two bass guitars and um unique vocal performance. ? Exactly.

I think "Corner of the Sky," even at the time, felt like a blatant homage/parody of the Cure. Like, too blatant to be comfortable with, maybe. I don't remember. It's not a bad little song now, though.

at the center of the sky
is an escape loop for you and I
climb on top because you can fly
levitate and don't ask why

Samarkand swirly sticker 1993 Making this sticker thrilled me to no end. That was the early days of working nights at the K. Which was my dream job.

Handwritten lyrics for "Into" 1993 I have no idea why.

Handwritten "Beautiful Kiss" lyrics 1993


Darrin said...

Liked the song. Nice chug-chug-chug feel to it.

Those swirly stickers are awesome.

So, in chump ball, do you have to make it through all three hoops, or are there different point values for each hoop, or what.

Maybe you just need to post the rules for chumpball. is already taken, but and are still available. :-p

::: said...

Yeah, I think Chumpball was kind of like Calvinball. Calvin & Hobbes?

Any excuse to dive on the furniture & dunk three hoops at the same time.

Todd was the king of chumpball. Probably still is! :)