Monday, July 30, 2007


(It looks like we'll be doing another Samarkand gig on August 8, so.... back to Samarkand Mania!)

Samarkand "Living with the Pain" MP3

This song was a late contender for the aborted 1996 Samarkand album with the working title Painful Realization. The realization in question of course being the crisis of confidence I had in my musical pursuits. This is one of the last songs I wrote and recorded in that style, in that era. That's around the same time I started AUTOreverse & basically stopped trying to be a music maker.

Some of the Pitch Wheel pieces were done around this time as well, hence the prominent swirly keyboard action here. The music is uncharacteristically uptempo & bright. The lyrics are more negative than usual. Nice dichotomy or just a bad combination?

The guitar is tuned to DADGAD. I wasn't happy with the bass line originally because I wanted it to do its own thing & not just follow the guitar. Oh well. The drum machine is cranked up to I think 140bpm.

"Living with the Pain" may or may not appear on the upcoming Samarkand CD.....

I want to see you suffer
Try to put me out of your head
Sitting there drowing in memories
Lying awake or crying in bed

It's about time
It's your turn

On the floor with all your pictures
Quicksand the memories
Wallowing there by yourself
Trying to forget me

Tell me that you suffer
Say how much it hurts
To be without it now
Do what you can to keep your wits

Samarkand Bridget Fonda Sticker 4-up master 1993

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Darrin said...

Take two... forgot some notes. Doh!

I see what you mean about dichotomy between the 'happy' upbeat music and the sad/angry 'now that you've left how does it feel you wench' lyrics. Personally, I like it. It's always nice when things break the mold every now and then. If all the songs were written that way (or even if one out of 30 were written that way), I wounldn't like it.

The swirly keys are nice. If I listened to more than just Top 40 80's pop, I might be able to say that it sounds similar to XYZ (the not the actual band XYZ, but the insert-band-name-here XYZ).

And I swear I caught a nice delay effect on the vocals when you sang 'hurts' in the last verse. Or was that you emulating a delay by saying it twice. If it occurred elsewhere, I totally missed it even after listening to it twice.