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Not Really What I'm Looking For

Product Of A Confused Mind is a jam-packed 90 minute cassette, stuffed with all manner of boooolsh!t!, good and bad. Most of it makes me cringe but it was fun to make & really kind of sums up my personality at the time. I guess. Writing & recording were my primary obsessions. Editing or, y'know, engineering recordings were not.

Ian C Stewart "Not Really What I'm Looking For" MP3

Let's see... there's the Synsonics toy drum machine keeping time. Slapped bass, of course. Casio SK-5 sampling keyboard for that melody thing & probably the percussive scream. Lyrics.... uh, I was a senior in high school, so. Who knows. I think they ggo something like

nudge don't budge don't push me aside
lost my keys can you give me a ride
I didn't have a car any way
I just drove my keys around all day

Here's another family photo, circa March 1992.

Warlock, Jaguar.... Macho Man. This is before Macho met his demise at the comic store, obviously.

KEEP OFF SHOULDER road sign, 1993


Darrin said…
That cover is sweet. Was that one of your custom painted covers? It looks like it is a water color.
::: said…
Nope, random clippage from National Geographic.

Or possibly the National Geographic kids' magazine, whatever that was called.

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There's always this. Buy here now.