Saturday, June 30, 2007


Emerson, Lilly and Quaffer "ELQ Theme 1" MP3

This was recorded in fall 1990. My drum set was combined with Elliot's. He had a bunch of drums including some Ludwig concert toms and a huge Zildjian Swish cymbal that was like a china on steroids. Plus I think Ihad a few trashy old bits like a horrid old high hat, snare & bass drum, origin unknown. This recording begins with me doddering my way around the entire kit & back. I think there were three entire kits going at the same time, plus one or two sawblades.

After my drum kit exploration begins, Michael gets situated on the bass. He wastes no time in slapping the shit out of Macho Man, aka my old Peavey bass. Then you hear Raymond firing up his shitty old Bonpoopi organ, run through my flanger pedal.

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