Sunday, June 24, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Morality (alt verse)" MP3

This was the last 4-track mixdown tape before my Tascam Porta 05 gave up the ghost. Also the last before I left for Berklee, I guess.

Devilcake had dissolved, my other musical concerns were winding down, such as drumming with Earwig. Before I left Ohio I still wanted to start another band. A 'techno' band called Dislocation, featuring me, Todd and Jeff - the two Devilcake keyboard players. Jeff had an amazing synth that made its way to my house somehow. The tones were incredible & I was determined to lay the groundwork for us to have a band that made danceable, probably dark, um, techno industrial whatever music. Unfortunately of course it never came to pass, but I still managed to record a bunch of Dislocation "themes". Oh yeah & "Mortality" was one of the first things I/we wrote for the 'band.' I guess the whole thing was a precursor to Samarkand because we jammed a few times in my basement with a drum machine.

& what a coincidence, here are the early lyrics.


Darrin said...

I've always enjoyed 'Mortality'. I like the opening verse.

And speaking of keyz, I still have the CD for "Super Breakout" lying around somewhere. All I remember from the sessions was some song where I sang about taking someones brain out with a fork... erm... or something.

::: said...

Thanks for liking "mortality". It's kind of a cheeesy-ass song, but whatever... I don't hate it, so I can't disown it completely.

Super Breakout..... I forgot about that. If you hadn't been there I would've sworn I dreamed the entire thing!