Tuesday, June 26, 2007


October-November 1991
Group Emission mixdown album
Ian C Stewart "King of the Circular Trail" MP3

This is the pinnacle of pretentious teenage bollox, I don't know how else to say it. Just looking at the handwriting on the j-card, the random vocabulary words copied from a back issue of National Geographic and the 100 minutes of frankly questionable material, this tape was an object lesson on how to be a creepy, self-involved tosser. Which is one reason it's been in the closet with all the other bad tapes for the past 16 years.

Just to clarify, today's song is titled "Circular Train In 3" but the lyrics & music are "King of the Circular Trail," so that's what I'm going to call this thing. For the sake of clarity, not that it matters much now.

I have no idea what the lyrics are!

I'm king of the circular trail
Take you where I want and I'll leave you to fail

I'm master of this lifestyle
With my own point of view

It's probably two or three tracks of clean guitar & one track of vocals.

This might've been around the time I bought my first Swans album, White Light from the Mouth of Infinity. Which was instantly influential on me. That would explain a few things.

One song from side two... "Me".... wound up on the first Samarkand recordings. "Right Cross" wound up on Conspiring Myths, which was the first tape I released on my label Lonely Whip Emissions also in 1991. Busy few months.

I think the concept for Group was going to be experimental sounds interspersed with pop songs & what-not. I think that's what it was. There were so many crappy, pretentious ideas...sorry, "concepts"... in the air it's hard to keep them all straight.

UK Tourism 1987 this is what happens when you drive past the chalk horse in Uffington & don't get your camera out in time

Maniac with Warlock 1988


Darrin said...

Heh... did you tack the 'mama' on the end of this one after the fact? Looks like Mama and group . emmission album were created around the same time.

Hearing things in 3/4 is always a nice treat for the ears. Everything is in 4/4 these days, when I hear something in something other than that, it's just... nice.

And, ahhh.... the hand painted cover.

Lonely... Whippfffffffffffffffff whippfffffffff (repeat whipffffff)

Velveeta Heartbreak said...

is that a Jane's Addiction poster?!?!?!?

::: said...

Yep, well spotted on all accounts.

I think Group "Emission" was going to be the serious album project that I wanted to take over the world with & "Mama" was just my usual non-aspirational BS.....

& the Jane's Addiction poster was at Michael Million's house, he must've taken the photo. Hah.

He shared the room with his stepbro, who had a massive Smiths poster on another wall.