Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Ian C Stewart - Pathetic MP3

from the mixdown album Works In Progress 91 mixed down around January 25, 1991...

This pretentious, coy song dates from that spastic period of compulsive "creativity" just after xmas 1990. I got a new Casio Tonebank keyboard for xmas & its tones are featured on this track, along with clean guitar (probably the Jaguar) and slapped fretless bass (definitely Michael's Ibanez). The lyrics are the typical smeh of post adolescence. I wouldn't say I've grown out of this type of songwriting but it's probably not a coincidence that I didn't write too many more things in this vein.

Here's a rare shot of Samarkand onstage... summer 1993. That's Jeff Sampson, me, and Brian Lewis. One of our few gigs... this one was at Freakin' Pizza.

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