Friday, June 22, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Happy to Fall" MP3

The overactive drum machine programming & boomy vocal mic tell the whole story. August 1991 again....Mixdown album Lessons in Enormity and Severity. The lyrics and title were accidentally borrowed from Ian McCulloch's song "Proud to Fall," which I was aware of but wasn't a huge fan of. If that makes sense. Of course I love Ian McCulloch's solo stuff now, but was ambivalent at first. Typically self absorbed lyrics & moany vocals. Still, not an abysmal effort at making a pop song. The lyrics were probably a reflection of my feeling at the time that all my fiends were f'ing off to college & I was still in Ohio, still working at Subway, still recording crappy fake pop songs in the basement & not becoming a rock star.


there's no one else I can trust with my tears
no one else to discuss my fears
and now you're gone


Darrin said...

yee ooof... need a new rip of this one. there's a glitch about 15 seconds in. Oh.. and about 2 minutes in. Doh! Unless those were intentional... then BRAVO!

And I'm looking at the tape's TOC and I don't see Happy To Fall in there. Am I blind or did it get renamed (or is it on the flip side of the j-card?

I wonder what Suxx 2 Bee Me sounds like?

::: said...

ooops, so much for quality control. Thanks for pointing out the glitch, I'll have the Quality Assurance department contact you at a later date to arrange for a refund.

Um, Happy To Fall is listed on the other side of the j-card since it was one of the last ones on side 2. I should've scanned both sides of the card, eh?

"sucks to be me" is one of the few songs that I actually collaborated with someone on. My friend Chris Daly, who wasn't really musical at the time, but who enjoyed hanging out & writing lyrics, cajoled me into writing a song with him.

Or did I just write the music myself & he did the vocals later? I forget. Anyway, I was thinking of uploading the song anyway just for its novelty value.

I'm sure I'll get around to 'collaborations' as a special focus. Ha.