Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Handpainted cover art there. Nice Radio Shack brand cassette, eh?

Ian C Stewart "Joy" MP3

What They Lack is kind of the simultaneous prototype of Euphoria Suicide and Conspiring Myths. Two of my first 'albums'. Except in mixdown album form. The mixdown album was usually for my consumption only & the best pieces would be compiled onto proper albums. That was my system.

"Joy" is the oddball track in that it's not a dirge, it's not about being dumped or killing anyone, it's just a super simple pop song. Which has never come easily for me. And even at its most raucous, "Joy" is still kind of a dirge. A funky dirge with chirpy keyboards but a dirge all the same. The music was recycled for Star*Pillow a few years later & given hornier lyrics & titled "Oh Cathy." As in Oh, Cathy Dennis, please step off my tip for you are giving it a mighty chafe. Type of thing. Very mature.

"Joy" was about an actual girl named joy who I met at a party that I wasn't invited to. so I exaggerrated the whole shebang so it would rhyme & there ya go.

joy is a pretty girl
who I met once by chance
while doing something wrong
and even now I only see her
when I'm committing crimes and lying
but her presence brings on euphoria


Darrin said...

heh... got ahead of myself on my last comment... THIS is the album with the hand painted cover.

Have I mentioned that I dig the Boss drum machine sound?

::: said...

Glad you like the Dr Rhythm drum sounds.

Too bad I sold it.

You coulda hotwired it into some kind of beat freak machine that.... gurgles.