Monday, June 18, 2007

BOBBY SABBATH (in two parts)

I've been meaning to get some recordings of my drumming up here. Finally, this tape appeared... Collision Course, from August 1990. There's a surprisingly high amount of good ideas on this otherwise overlong 90 minute tape.

"Bobby Sabbath (in two parts)" was a song with a mission. Or something. The first thing you notice on the drums is the 1960s-sounding spring reverb, courtesy of the old 1960s PA head we had. I say "we" since any piece of gear that Michael, Ray or I owned got passed around in a big circle. We spent many hours, many entire weekends in the basement, jamming, recording, writing, hanging out, bullsh!tting, playing ChumpBall(tm).

Drumming-wise, I made a lot of headway once I was able to start playing every day. This recording features a rare attempt by me at playing a drum solo. Something I would not attempt now.

The bass line was stolen from a Michele' song that was popular at the time. But I thought it was a Bobby Brown song. The guitar line is one of those atonal fake Voivod things that I did so much of at that time, riffs that later became "Sh!t Down Your Neck" in Devilcake. But in 1990 it sounded like Black Sabbath.

Hence the title "Bobby Sabbath." This gothic funk instrumental got a workout in the basement during the months when we were trying to do Irreligion as a full-band thing with my Subway coworker Elliot on drums.

The part after the drum solo is funny, but the whole thing cracks me up now. It's kind of good & kind of cheesily horrible.

Ian C Stewart "Bobby Sabbath (in two parts)" MP3

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