Monday, June 11, 2007

Unknown Samarkand track circa 1999-2000

Judging by the drum & bass loop I'd say this recording predates any PC multitracking attempts. I was definitely in the zone with the guitar, though. It sounds like an old Cure riff that was abandoned at birth. Maybe it was, who knows.

Ian C Stewart - 1999-2000 Unknown Samarkand Track MP3

The other side of the cassette is labeled CLUB AUTO NARRATION SOURCE.

My Tokai and BC Rich guitars, circa summer 1987. Posed seductively on my bedroom floor.... in the basement....

Speaking of basements, anyone who came over to my house to jam from 1989 onwards would've had this low-hanging ceiling light to contend with. By contend with I mean leave skin and hair cells upon. The number of times I and everyone else smashed our heads on that thing was quite funny, thinking back.


Darrin said...

Interesting that this was a Samarkand track. When I think Samarkand, I usually think of slower tunes. No matter, it was a frantic, kickin' tune.

::: said...

I don't think it's an actual Samarkand song, that's just the name I gave it since it was kind of in that vein. Somewhat. Perhaps.

Todd S. said...

you must have had dupes of the 'suck' lamp shot. I swear I have the same pic on one of my photo albums from the time.