Sunday, June 10, 2007


This is the autobiographical music blog I've always wanted. This will probably involve TMI whenever possible followed by long lulls. Audience-wise, I don't know who other than me would be interested in any of this. But, then again, why shouldn't people like it? I officially declare the question of Who It's All For to be....

I'll be encoding & uploading appropriate (& inappropriate) music-stuffs from my entire life. It'll probably be a random assortment of whatever I have on hand at the time. Probably not chronological. Or even any kind of logical... again....

Unapologetically, perhaps inexplicably self-obsessed. Explaining things that don't need to be explained & not even mentioning the best stuff. Just like I do.

Today, I call this blog.....

it makes me laugh

but it's subject to change.

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Pearl and Mom said...

This is awesome. I was taking a break from grading papers (freshman comp essays) and for some strange reason did a google search for Flamingo Isle Westerville. I guess just to see if anyone even remembered it. Your blog came up so just spent the better part of an hour reading through it. Why did they send a group of elementary kids to camp in the middle of winter? I never really thought about it. Anyway. I enjoyed the walk down memory lane.
Hope you're well.
Karin (Wraley) Barbee