Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Doom

Ian C Stewart "New Doom" MP3

from the mixdown album This One Ain't Got No Title, I'm Titled Out., from April-May 1992. Most of the other stuff on this tape is badly recorded, badly mixed, badly conceived, badly written proto grunge goth industrial bleah. But there are a couple of strange highlights, like this one, "New Doom".

The music is oddly sophisticated for the time & for my prevailing lack of sophistication. It sounds kind of like Prefab Sprout's "Jesse James Bolero" now, even though I didn't hear that until about five years ago. The music is just the one bass line, pretty much. The entire song is sped up, I'm not sure why. Maybe just to exaggerate the humorous vibe.

The lyrics are the funniest part, though. I think. Because they're very heavily influenced by Swans. Very dark & ominous. Not at all chirpy & snappy like the music.

you'll get told
someone will scold him
while conditioning me

now I can't go
I'll never know what could have been

the new sun sets and the new doom dawns again
the new sun burns and melts the new doom day

And the performance, although still sloppy, isn't horrible. This little song still cracks me up.


Darrin said...

That is one messed up kit. Would have been interesting to look at on stage though.

donuts.... ahhh ooooh!

::: said...

Um, no, you couldn't see the drums through the wall of guitarists. So, it was pretty pointless.