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most of The Uncultured, April 1988 me, Michael Million, Jeff Sampson, Mark Ward

Ian, Mike & Ray "Physical Love Song" MP3

The first time I jammed with Michael Million & Raymond Lilly....February 20, 1988... we came up with a handful of feedbacky, riffy punk rock anthems. They had already been playing together for a while by the time I stepped onto the scene. They had one terrifyingly enthusiastic & catchy song, sensitively referred to as the Anti-abortion Song. Politically incorrect from the word go.

Those guys were a year ahead of me in high school & they represented the future. Up to that point, every time I tried to jam with anyone it was usually in a heavy metal capacity. Iron Maiden, Queensryche, KISS inluenced. Raymond & Michael liked metal but had weird haircuts & Suicidal Tendencies logos on their jackets. Scary.

And I loved the fact that even though it was just the two of them, Ray singing & Michael playing this awesome, weird, fake Randy Rhoads shaped guitar, they played really loud. So loud that the guitar fed back. Scary!!

I haven't listened to this tape in ages, maybe never. So I'm still kind of shocked by the second song, which I think was called "Physical Love Song." The, uh, open E chugging riff, I guess you could call it, became the basis of "the Anti Whacking Song," so I was surprised to hear Ray come in with the different lyrics.

I just showed up at their rehearsal with my notebook full of bullshit lyrics & we all made up a bunch of songs on the spot. It was thrilling and deeply unsatisfying at the same time, as most teenage endeavors are. It was literally incredible that we could just do whatever the hell we wanted, we didn't need to be Iron Maiden clones or Metallica clones or anything, we could just do what we did.


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(in Parentheses) - 1988-1989 - LIVE & REHEARSALS

(in Parentheses)
Live February 27, 1989 + rehearsal - supergroup (relatively speaking) combining the bands Prophecy and Domestik Quarrel!!?
recorded with Christine The Ghetto Blaster Of Death
live and in rehearsal

Michael Million - bass
Aaron Pauley - guitar
Ian C Stewart - guitar, vocals
Jim Swanson - drums

1. Hope Fear Lie (live)
2. Antisocial Behavior (live)
3. Fart Song (live)
4. Dischord (live)
5. Enthalpenis (live)
6. Enthalpy continued (live)
7. Unto Dust (instrumental)
8. Psychological (instrumental)
9. Enthalpy (instrumental)
10. Yo' Mama (instrumental)
11. Political Invention (instrumental)
12. Adagio Abstractor (instrumental)
13. Oh My, That's Heavy (instrumental)
14. Oh My, That's Heavy (take 2) (instrumental)

fzzy recollections

FZZY PMPR came about after I bought a used desktop PC that was curated by ECC's Mark Gunderson. 
 He loaded it up with the entire internet circa 1996 with every game, oddity and software package ever, along with some ECC ephemera. I eventually started experimenting with audio editing programs like Cool Edit and the like, trying to do "cut ups" of my own, which were just failed sound experiments really. Eventually I crafted an album of sample-based material, which was the Samarkand album "Continua". Eventually the megalomania took focus and a la Evolution Control Committee, Samarkand became FZZY PMPR which had as its members, what, DJ Arse and others, I think?

Megalomania gave way to regular mania and today it's not even a memory! That's the way Huntington's Disease works, I start off with this bossy, overpowering and seductive uhh drive to just point out every single thing in the universe which gradually cools until it's like it never even happene…

IAN C STEWART - Woke Up In Love

Woke Up In Love 

Recorded June, 2006 
processed August, 2013 
E-mu Proteus 
Steinberger guitar 
Yamaha fretless bass 

experiential noise drone gaze 


1. Woke Up In Love (4:18) 
2. Under The (5:09) 
3. Inner Monologue (4:03) 
4. A False Economy (2:23) 
5. Slowly Unfolds (3:15) 
6. Thinking Back (2:25) 
7. Even As (4:04) 
8. In The Night (5:10) 
9. At Long Last (4:34) 
10. Newbient (16:48) 

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