Saturday, September 1, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Two Minutes with a Borrowed Casio" MP3

Whose keyboard was this? Certainly not mine. Here's two minutes of what can only be described as half an hour of Casio exploration.


Darrin said...

At the very end of the track, I swore you were gonna break into "Funky Town" by Lipps Inc.

I dig the painting cause it appears to be 'bleeding' both up and down.


Todd S. said...

Can't be certain, but I'd swear the Casi-ho was mines. The silver one I had that later made itself useful as a candle shelf.

that beat sounds AWFULly familiar and I'm pretty sure there's a kid chill tape somewhere around here with the same beat.

Or I could just be smoking crack and looking for a graceful way to say 'what's up'. Either way. Good to hear some of the old tracks and see pix of the basement again. Had a lot of musically formative and otherwise memorable moments there.

::: said...

Ha, you may be right about it being your Casio.

Todd S. said...

Good times.

Right then, I'll head back on to lurking...I mean working (just in case IT is monitoring keystrokes. Because I'm TOTALLY working).

Talk to you later!