Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Souvenirs" Youtube

Many lifetimes and receding hairlines ago, somebody somewhere had the idea to make a fresh compilation CD of new mopey acoustic guitar based songs. The CD was called Because it's Cheaper than Therapy and that's all I'll say on this potentially volatile subject.

"Souvenirs" was my submission.

down the hill


Darrin said...

i see no video. i see no mp3 linkage. :(

::: said...

I tried using the new 'upload a video' feature on Blogger...

the video shows up in the preview window only. Once I hit 'publish', all the action went away.

Oh well, do-over.


Darrin said...

coolio. i always dig songs where the 'bass note' wanders.

is that recent footage? the room reminds me of when you had your little bugelow in w-ville.

::: said...

This was from summer 1999, recorded at my desk when we lived in Lewis Center. Like... off Polaris up there.

Peep the AUTOreverse shirt!