Monday, September 10, 2007


Ichor "Jam" MP3

This tape is labelled "Ichor Again" which refers to another tape dated a few weeks earlier. That tape consists of at least 60 minutes of us waiting for the drummer who never arrives.

But this time, September 14, 1986 apparently, the drummer was in the house. Well, in the garage, whatever. Same drummer as 'Argus', but it appears that without Matt or anyone else to keep us together, we both space out in different directions. Meaning that by this point we probably didn't know any of the same songs anymore. I wasn't really writing songs yet, I mean nothing that I felt comfortable showing to other people!

That being said, the chords I'm playing on this jam do correspond with maybe the one & only song that Keith and I ever tried to write together. Or maybe it was just an inside joke at one point that I tried to solidify into a song. I finished the lyrics and recorded the song for one of my first cassette releases. The song was called "My Balls Itch." Clearly a triumph on all levels.

It sounds like Jason the drummer was going to play this beat anyway & I just happened to start playing the "My Balls Itch" riff, probably hoping that Keith would recognize it & start singing. It was that kind of situation, none of us were able or willing to take charge.

This is just a guess, but I think Jeff Sampson might've been in the garage too, with his bass. I think he was there for the previous Ichor free-for-all. I used to drag Jeff out quite a lot come to think of it & he was not above standing there against the wall in complete silence until someone coaxed him out with something recognizable like an Iron Maiden riff or Metallica or whatever we knew. So, even though there's no bass on this "jam," I wouldn't rule out Jeff's presence.


Darrin said...

Now those are the crappy tapes that I used to buy. In fact, I may have had that exact brand.

Those bower birds are cool.

The end.

::: said...

Ya know, I hate to say it, but if they made any cheaper tapes than that, I'da bought them instead.


Lyrebirds are pretty damn cool too.

Darrin said...

That lyre bird is bad-ass. Simply amazing. Now all we need to do is leave a boombox playing Frank Zappa albums in the forest to really confuse everyone.