Thursday, September 20, 2007


Ian C Stewart "First Day of School" Youtube

Recorded in 1999 or 2000 at the same desk as before. This song might've appeared on an off-the-cuff acoustic tape I made around this time called Bvllsh!t!.

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Darrin said...

I dig the part where you play the notes that you are singing at the very beginning of ear verse. Mixes it up from the usually strumming thing.

Also, the last chord in the verse (at least the first two verses) reminds me of the next to last chord in the verse of some Yes song. I tried figuring out which one to no avail.

I don't think I contributed to the "Because It's Cheaper Than Therapy" album. I think I wrote songs for two non-released albums.. one was my cover of Twisted Sisters "Price" and the other was, I think, part of a comp called "Because It's Cheaper Than A Real Keyboard", where I say some gawd awful song called "Jenny, You".

N stuff.