Friday, September 21, 2007


Hazy "Dream" MP3 + "Road" MP3

From the band that never was, the albums that never were, the songs that almost were. The lyrics, titles and cover art that definitely did happen.

These are the last two songs on the first Hazy album, Atmos. Just like Rick Rubin said, ask someone to write ten songs for an album and inevitably the most recent two are the best ones.

I'm pretty sure no one has heard this stuff in its entirety, at least I hope not.

On "Dream", I used an old funky drum break for the drums, then some clean bass & guitars, all reverbed beyond reason. The vocals are the weak link, naturally. Hopefully they're low enough in the mix that they don't ruin the whole thing. If that's even possible.

"Road" has a drum loop from who knows where. Actually I do know where, it was an old remix kit sent by a friend for a very early bunch of Acid remixes. We're talkin' like 1998 or 99 here. So he played the drums, which is why the loop is so sweet & low. Then I made a sad fake Flea-like bass line and more whiny clean guitars. The whispered vocals make me claw my eyes out so I probably should've left this one instrumental. Or um met a vocalist who could do that stuff for me.

It was late spring
she meant everything

distant reflection
the afternoon sun

she haunts me

Back again & again
smile for the camera

meet me in the car park
in half an hour

filling the hole
nail you to the floor

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Darrin said...

1) Dream - The groove in Dream in sweet with the old drums, gweetar and bass. It sounded like the vocals (with lots of reverb as well) could have contributed to the mix had you let them. There was one section in there where the guitar noodles downward that I couldn't get into though. Not sure if the reverb was getting in the way or if the bass line wasn't following the guitar or what. Something was off for me, but that main riff "doodle-dee-deeee doo-deet doo-deet" was frickin' sweetwith all that syrupy reverb.

2) Road - You're right on how that low drum part is awesome. Once again, I love the groove feel for the guitar and bass as well. Unlike Dream, I think the chorus or second-groove fit in quite well as the guitar and bass seemed to follow each other. Flea-type bassing is awesome when when used the right way. I think it went quite well in this recording since the guitar part is more minimal. The whispered vocals are appropriate and I think positively add to the song as well. I dig this one quite a bit. This is a tune I think could go on the road. Pun intended. :)

3) Pics - There is something so wrong about a man wearing a Def Jam hat and a King Diamond T-shirt. Unless that person is a Body Count fan; then it makes perfect sense.

Once of these days maybe you'll run acorss something in one of your boxes to remind you why you were collecting pictures of birds.