Saturday, September 8, 2007


Y'know, I don't even remember recording this session in Darrin's basement, but here's the proof that I did. I forgot that it was on this tape, which I used for the Samarkand gig at Andyman's Treehouse a few weeks back. Which means that the video of the 2004 iteration of "Bloomer" is lost to posterity. No matter, we still have three sweet tracks.

I'm playing guitar and trying to sing. Michael Bill played bass and Darrin played drums. MCB and I must've traded axes on the day because it looks like I'm playing his ESP strat thingy through his half stack & he's playing that Squier MB-4 I had briefly. I miss that bass!

The idea behind this session was to make fresh recordings for a 3" CD single to be included in the Samarkand box set, which I (thought I) was finishing work on at the time. I think this was during a lull on the Devilcake end of things.

And we're playing the songs as though, well, it's the first time we ever played them. Because, guess what.

Samarkand - 2004 - Valley

Samarkand - 2004 - Eye

Samarkand - 2004 - Hotel Pool


Darrin said...

Heh... that's freakin' sweet. I needs me a copy that that there tape, yo.

I totally don't remember playing Hotel Pool. I think a few posts back I said that was the first time I had heard it. Obv not. The train wreck at the end probably explains why it wasn't on the CD I have of the Samarkand 2004 stuff.

My favorite part of all the 2004 stuff is still the part in Eye where you drop your pick and yell 'g*ddammit!' and then continue on your merry way. I chuckle everytime. :)

::: said...

Well, judging by the lack of fills etc I'm pretty sure you'd never heard Hotel Pool before that day. You can tell on the video that we never really got comfortable with the songs, which is not a bad thing.

& there are multiple attempts at Eye, apparently I couldn't remember where to play the chords for the chorus. The time in this video, I got them right but it still sounded wrong. Hence the exclamation.

I remember the audio not being too hot, but this video isn't bad at all. I mean... I'd pay to see that band!