Monday, September 17, 2007


Ian C Stewart "B0khara" MP3

This song is so new I don't really have any perspective on it. The drum loop came first when I recorded this thing, um, a couple of days ago.

Actually the middle guitar break came first out of the whole song. Playing across the middle strings of the guitar, I came across a mopey kind of descending thing, which, when I voiced the notes correctly turned out to just be B major, B bleah something, A major, G major, which isn't very mopey at all.

It's kind of anti mopey actually.

The bass line came next and I found a nice rub with that Eric Avery/Jane's Addiction kind of rollicking line.

And the drums were just a bunch of percussive things to keep the whole thing moving. Or not. So who knows. I like the chords very much but who knows if this will ever amount to anything & grow some vocals.

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Darrin said...

My fave part was the beginning and ending of the song with the string picking and the wandering bass line stuff gogin on. I dig it!

And you're right, it's kind of a mopey song but it's not really using mopey chords per se.