Thursday, September 13, 2007


Oracle "Jam 2" MP3

Here's the ultimate of our Dokken/Celtic Frost crossovers. I believe Dave is on guitar and I'm on drums for this jam. It's such a strange combination of elements, I almost wish we'd been able to take it somewhere. What does happen when you mix glam and sludgy doom?

Probably nothing. I'm sure there's a reason we never got together again after this!

The riff was definitely Dave's. I always enjoyed playing it and could probably still bust it out if I wanted to.

I'm not positive that I'm playing the drums but it does sound like me. This would've been like my third or fourth time ever behind a kit. My usual 'drum set' in those days consisted of the air and a pair of drum sticks, sunglasses and leather gloves optional. No, really. I'd sit on the corner of my waterbed & blast Venom's 20 minute epic "At War With Satan" and air drum along as best I could.

The funny thing about playing in Dave's basement was the lack of a stand for the crash cymbal. So we improvised and hung it from the ceiling with some rope. Nice idea until it started swinging wildly every time you hit it.

Good times.

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Darrin said...

You can punch me now or later. Well, obv later since you're not here as I'm writing this.

When it first started, I thought you guys were starting to cover 'Cat Scratch Fever'.

Cymbals hanging from the ceiling. That's freakin' awesome. Not as cool as those 'chain' cymbal stands that Scott Rockenfield had in Queensryche, but the next best thing. Even better than Tommy Lee's sad follow-up to the rotating cage... that stupid thing where he 'flew' over the crowd. That was for the Dr. Feelgood tour. And I might say, as a drummer, it was the most anti-climatic moment ever for me.