Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hazy "Sunset" MP3 "Water" MP3

Almost unbearably dismal songs, recorded almost unbearably dismally. What can I tell you, I'm the king of dismalia..

Fall, the second Hazy album, was recorded in one afternoon, February 20, 2005. I used one mic and recorded into Cool Edit 96 on the laptop. The mic picked up all of the laptop's squealing and processor noise. All the songs are acoustic guitar and singing, no overdubs or anything. There's a funny bit of synchronicity toward the end of the album when one of the other computers in the room finished burning a DVD and played its little mexican jumping bean "I'm finished burning now" song just as the song ended. The lyrics for "Water" are about the day I visited N!ck Dr@ke's grave.

down in the sky
light turns to ice
slowly burning

walk all morning
east of nowhere
in the mist

now we rise


Darrin said...

I have most of Hazy - Fall on a hard drive somewhere. I remember I missed a couple of them and buggeyou non-stop to send me the missing pieces.

The AAD period was short, but also quite amusing I have to say. I'm about due to write another one I believe.

Personally, I dig the AAD concept. While 90% of what you put out might be crap, there is likely to be about 10% that is good. I know with my first AAD that was the case. Some of it just sucked, but there were other songs I thought were actually worthy. The second AAD I did was way too complicated (a doppelganger musical) for it to be worth much of anything.

That high pitched wheeeeeeeooooooo noise was getting on my nerves. The songs were decent enough but that wheeeeeeeoooooooo.... grrrrr. Or maybe it's my machine here. Quiet possible as well.

I think I looked at the photos like 3 times over and just now I realized in the one pic you have one of those hands that people were putting on their trunks and freaking out old ladies coming out of your shorts. Another one of the photos looks like you have a green vinyl record about to saw into the side of your head.

::: said...

well spotted, as usual. that was "Mark Arm", our prosthetic fake arm friend. Mark Arm is a guy in the band Mudhoney. If you notice on the Evil Bread video for "Purple Pie Pizza," Mark Arm appears with a broken drumstick taped to his hand. He flies off into the crowd, to the delight & acknowledgment of absolutely no one.

The green vinyl 7" was "Gigolo" by The Damned. This was one of the very very few times when I used a vinyl record as decoration. I hate it when people nail records to their walls.