Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Whiffy Riffs" MP3

Another fake riff jam from 4 Track Fallout, my last collection of 4-track recordings from like 10 years ago. It's a guitar/bass/drums workout that runs through all of the riffs I had on hand at the time. Or so it seems. None of the riffs ever amounted to anything so this is kind of like a museum piece.

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Darrin said...

In a good and bad way, this sounds like a Slayer demo on a day when Kerry had to use his nephew's guitar that he got from Sears which has the built in speaker.

I like the riff, but the sound is just grating.

And I think every kid at some point had the 'candle melting lab'. Mine was one of those old 16 ounce deadly weapon bottles from back in the day. I would melt crayons over the candle. At some point I tried to use a 3 foot tall candle that I got at the local 'thrift' shop (Judy's Market it was called), but it tipped it over and all the cool crayon stuff broke off and so I just chucked the whole darn thing.