Monday, August 6, 2007


Samarkand "01.28.92" MP3

This song was written in early 1992 and just kind of appeared, fully formed as a wimpy pop song and a new direction for my songwriting. Self consciously wimpy at times, the lyrics were a 180 degree turn from my other notable songs of the time, like Devilcake's ode to @ss, "Pie, Hair Pie" and Devilcake's ode to sugary @ss, "Soft Batch Mama."

We'll be playing this one in the middle of the set at Cafe Bourbon Street tomorrow night. See ya there. You can hold the camcorder.

I care so much and I worry about you
with a heart this fragile what else can I do

I could wrap both arms around
and hold you forever

Hold on to you with all my heart
kiss you goodbye when you go
carry the memory in my hand
when I see you again I know that I could
wrap both arms around
and love you forever

1 comment:

Darrin said...

I've always enjoyed this song. Probably because of its directness and simplicity. That and the chink-a-chink-a-chink chink-a-chink-a-chink chink-a-chink tambourine rhythm right in the middle of the verse. I love that part especially.