Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Wednesday of my Soul" MP3
Hm, a sad humpday reggae song about the immortal reggae humpday of the soul. Y'know.

Acoustic guitar on the upchucks, it sounds like fretless bass and a dubbed out organ GR707 guitar synth patch. Hey, more Windows system sounds in the mix, that's always nice. This is one reason why it does not pay to multitask at mixdown time. This song sounds like something from my Devilcake solo album, aka An Alphabetical Food Odyssey by Icy Stew. It's obscure and meandering and wears out its welcome almost instantly. Just like me!

just getting past
you'd be so sure
not in the past
not the future

somewhere in the world it's Thursday
but not in here
it's the Wednesday
of my soul

not in the past
you'd be so sure
just getting past
not the future

and what of


Darrin said...

So many weird things in that 1991 torso photo.

1) The SWATCH ad. I had not one but two clear Swatch watches. I had to get the second one after the first one turned a funky color from aging and me wearing it all the time.

2) Ye olde style Dr. Pepper can. Well, at least 1990s Dr Pepper can. I remember my mom used to drink Sugar Free Dr. Pepper (before it became Diet Dr. Pepper) and the logo was blue instead of the usual maroon.

3) The little weird light thing on top of the TV. I had one of those back in the 80s. When I was in 3rd grade I asked for a strobe light from Radio Shack and got that instead. I left my on so long that the little plasticy color spinny thing (techincall term) actually melted and warped quite a bit. Talk about a saftey hazard.

4) Love that TV with the numeric keyboard and red LED channel indicator. Top of the line.

5) Who's the chick in the magazine article that says 'In This Issue'. If you say "Mike Tramp", I'll probably have pop come out my nose.

::: said...

I've been a Swatch bitch since 1985 at least. I still have a bunch of them around here in a ziploc bag.

I think the disco light was from Radio Shack, it wasn't mine. Not sure who brought it over.

You can see Michael's refigerator sized ampeg bass amp off to the side there too.

The TV with the numeric keypad, we got that in 1981 or 1982, which was like living in the future. In fact we got full cable for free for a couple of years just because most other TVs couldn't go up to channel 99.

The chick is Kim Basinger.