Monday, August 13, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Monday Love" MP3

Ah, 2003. It doesn't seem that long ago, but apparently it was. The date on the CD is February 15, 2003, which might indicate that this was the second of a started-off-strong-but-died-quickly series of new albums. I think my goal was to release an album a month. Which was no problem for me, even four years ago.

Listen for the Window system barking sound.

I started with the concept of a song cycle about the working week. And, you know me, no pun goes left unpunned. So, "workweak" it was. The song titles came next. It was easy once I had "Casual Tuesday" on the list. "Napalm Friday"? What?

I can't find the lyrics & the vocals are buried in the mix, so maybe you can listen closely & transcribe 'em for me, mm-kay?

It must be,
Oh no it can't be!

Musically, wow does that beginning sound like Idaho. One of my favoritest bands of all time that is also one of the obscurest bands of all time, apparently. I'm still trying to unlatch myself from the Idaho influence. They're just so damn rad! In fact, here's an Idaho video for "God's Green Earth", the first song I ever heard by them & still one of my favorites:

Anyway, getting back to the subject at hand. "Monday Love" was the first song I recorded for the Workweak album. I say album as though I made copies & gave them to people? Did I do this? Or was I just trying to keep the Bizarre Depiction catalog numbers ticking over with regular releases?

This song features a super simple kick/snare drum loop. Acoustic guitar - definitely the Ovation. There's a bit of guitar synth at 10 o clock in the mix. Or 2 o clock in the mix if you're hearing it the other way. Um there's some chimpy keyboard synth, probably the DJX.

This song is kind of dismal and enjoyable at the same time. Kinda like me, I guess.

Looking at the CD cover, this was obviously done around the same time as the first Drone Forest CD. I always recycle.

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