Thursday, August 23, 2007

01.28.92 + Eye from Andyman's Treehouse

In related Youtube-ry, I made a playlist of all seven songs Michael and I did at Madlab just in case anyone wants to watch the whole thing in one go.

Samarkand live at Madlab

And here are two, possibly one badly rendered, horribly transferred clips from my solo acoustic appearance at Andyman's Treehouse. Watch 'em quick before I delete 'em.




Darrin said...

nice. The sound quality on 01.28.92 ad Eye were both pretty good. I can see why plying Eye was a bit difficult with having to play both the gweetar and bass lines. Or maybe that's how it's always gone.

Darrin said...

I think that may be the first time hearing 'Into'. The beginning of 'Hotel Pool' sounded familiar but not the rest of the song. Finally nice to see some high quality videos of one of the Samarkand gigs.