Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Beam Me Up Squatty" MP3

This one is too sloppy to live but too funky to die. Wow. The song is named after the squatty-ass guitar tone that is just purely raunchy. It's nothing to do with Star Trek, don't worry. This is from the 4 Track Fallout mixdown tape from 1997, one of the last things to be recorded in the basement at my mom's house. The drums sound pretty sweet, actually everything sounds pretty sweet for a change. I think I had Ray's little Radio Shack mixer and a few extra mics.

Let's see, it sounds like the drums were recorded at half speed on the four track, a trick which Dweezil pointed out you can't do in the digital realm. I made a percussion loop on the drum machine, which was blasting out of my little Peavey practice amp. The ambient mics picked up the drum machine which mingled with the live drumming.

And the riffs still sound like the Beastie Boys or Rage Against the Machine to me. Like, anthemic. But they don't translate to the real world for whatever reason.

Come on, that guitar definitely sounds like it's taking a squat.


Darrin said...

1) Nice little groove on that one.

2) I had black tennis shoes once. I had to have them for marching band or something. Though, I seem to also remember having to wear crunchy rented white shoes which after every parade at least 12 people would have blood stained socks. So, I have no idea why I had black tennies.

3) There's a pic of some guy to the right of the drums. It's either Bo Brice or Bruce Dickenson with a headband on. Did I get it right?

4) I still have the white casio keyboard if you would like to reminisce with it. The Stereo Flanger, as you recall, became the Drunken Sailor Flanger and cannot be returned in it's original case.

5) Is that the same Peavy that we used to record Gourley's punk solo album? SKANK! SANDWICH!

::: said...

1) cheese mang

2) the black ones replaced my red leather Reebok high tops.

3) Nope, it's Fish of the band Marillion.

4) Don't worry, you can bend it all to heck & back!

5) I believe we recorded Gourley's solo album with my Peavey bass amp (which I also hated). This horrid little piece of fecal matter was my first guitar amp. The Peavey Backstage Plus! 35 watts of smeehguughghghhghghhghhhhghhghhh.