Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Ian C Stewart "Casual Tuesday" MP3

Continuing the Workweak theme... "Casual Tuesday" features more groovy moping. Another simple kick/snare drum loop. Acoustic guitar up front. Regular bass guitar at 10 o clock, Chapman Stick at 2 o clock in the mix. Guitar synth gets the tremolo effect. The vocals sound like I just woke up. Or fell asleep.

The lyrics are clearly rooted in reality.

I'm not even getting dressed
I don't care
Wear my best flood khakis
Check out my white socks
Did you see that freak show

1 comment:

Darrin said...

I think I see George Lynch in the middle of the wall on the far left (4th row, 1st pic).

And then I swear I see Tom Keefer in there (the second row of photos, 4th from left, wearing all white), but this photo looks like most of this stuff would have been done pre-Cinderella. And you probably disliked Cinerella to boot. :-p

That's all i could find.