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Welcome to the Gyrodome

Devilcake "Pie. Hair Pie" MP3

This is an early rehearsal tape of the newly named 'devilcake'. Recorded probably at the rehearsal place near downtown. It sounds like I used Christine The DeathBox to record, most likely sitting her near me behind the drums, which is why the drums are so frickin' LOUD.

This version of the song is so funny, it's like a Polaroid where all the colors haven't quite set yet. I like it a lot though, the band sounds like it could go in any direction. And check out the faint little analog drum machine blips at the beginning, how rad is that crap.

Even all these years later this song makes me want to stand on my desk & swing my shirt around over my head. What can I say.

I wrote the lyrics to "Pie. Hair Pie," which was like "bond, james bond" but not. The music was a group effort, just like many of the early Devilcake tracks. Someone, me, someone would come in with lyrics & we'd just jam out an idea. Which is why a lot of the songs are identical but hey ho who cares. I'm on drums, Mike Gourley singing, Ray Lilly playing bass, Gabe playing guitar or bass, Mike Chuck Bill playing guitar maybe, um Diego maybe playing guitar or bass too. This early form of the band sounds like a cross between like Poison, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Napalm Death.

you might think this sounds crass
I like the shape of your butt
you make me hungry
hungry for you know what

pie hair pie
don't axe why
pie hair pie
show me thigh


I have no idea where the name 'lonely whip' came from, obviously it must've had something to do with Don Campau's much bigger & better-known Lonely Whistle, but as far as I remember, I didn't hear about Don until we both appeared on Terry Burke's "Produce" compilation on SET Cassettes. It certainly looks incongruous on the tape cover to see... Lonely Whip emissions..... Lonely Whistle. But I have no idea, it certainly wasn't intentional though.

Anyway... I planned to make Lonely Whip into a multi media empire, which is why I used 'emissions' instead of Records or Tapes or whatever. I did make "the January Project," a one-off zine, during this time, but I don't recall if it had a LWe catalog number.

The other unifying factor was the Lonely Whip "theme" song at the end of the cassettes. Which consisted of me singing "lonely" in 4-part anti harmony, followed by a distorted bit of Devo playing "whip it," followed by a drawling "wheeuuuipppphh" performed on the Casio SK-5 toy sampling keyboard. I actually played a flam on the SK-5 which gave the loop a neat chorus effect.

And at the time, I was the only Ian I knew, so that's why all my early releases were credited to IAN in capital letters.

Lonely Whip ran from 1991-92, releasing the following cassettes..........

LWe1 Devilcake "Welcome to the Gyrodome"
LWe002 IAN "Conspiring Myths"
LWe003 Todd Skaggs "Rodomontodd"
LWe004 IAN "Euphoria Suicide"
LWe004.2 IAN "Euphoria Suicide" reissue
LWe005.1 IAN "Insomnia"
LWe005.2 IAN "Motion"
LWe006 The XTC Fans Tribute Cassette "Obscene Collection"
LWe007 Todd Skaggs "In the Temple of the Butchered Cow"


Darrin said…
heh ... I'm pretty sure I have this tape. I repeated bugged Todd to make me a copy back in 1991 when he was my roomie at OSU. I can't remember if this is the tape that I used to practice for my first Devilcake practice or not. It's quite possible it is. Thanks for posting the high qual scan. Now I can print out a proper J card. :-)

Wow... when comparing to the live version from y first gig... this version is much much slower (and probably better).

Thanks for the LWe discog. I think I have over half of them. I believe I'm missing Rodomontodd (which I should easily be able to track down), the re-release of Euphoria, Insomnia, and the XTC thing.

When I was doing the DC archiving, I created a DC logo just like the one on the LWe1. Since I didn't have the cover, I don't think I knew that this logo existed. Ha! It just fits!!!

And I always though the LWe 'jingle' was cool.

Andrew Todd said…
Rumor has it the masters of Rodomontodd can no longer be played w/out repeated chorusesis of WHATTHEF*CKBURGERS?!?!

If that rendition of Pie Hair Pie was from the practice space I'm guessing the BHC (?...b something c...) garage-sale turntable was on that tape at somepoint....I think the sounds of the haunted house were used in the breakdown of this version of PHP.

Hungry for you know what!!

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