Thursday, January 3, 2008


Ian C Stewart "Forget" MP3

Side one, track one from 'Conspiring Myths,' my first attempt at making an album of my own. It was a 60 minute cassette, jammed to the edges with teenage angst and distortion. The lyrics were written by Marian, an old pen friend from Massachussetts. This was 4-tracked in November 1991. The drum machine was my brand-new DR-550. In those days I'd buy a 10-pack of blank cassettes, slap together some cover art and make an album in an evening. This recording is quite boomy.


Darrin said...

Ah... the hand painted covers. I am fortunate to have one. For whatever reason, my fave off this album has always be etude in c. Ever now and then I play the first part of it over and over again. it actually helped my dexterity back in the days where I would play guitar every day. wheeeeeeee!

So if marian wrote all the lyrics, i suppose none of these tunes every made it to samarkand?

::: said...

'etude in c' is from my easy classical guitar book. It's one of those things that sounds really impressive but it's not too difficult to play.

Marian did about half the lyrics, I should've pointed out. All the songs on side one had her lyrics. Side two is apparently all me. But yeah none of these songs were ever played by anyone but me in the basement!